About Us

Face Africa is a specialised inbound tour operator redefining the traditional parameters of community-based tourism in Africa. We offer an extensive range of travel services in the Southern African region for clients seeking a dynamic interaction with local communities.  Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the continent create enjoyable and meaningful travel experiences that offer diverse opportunities to engage with carefully profiled community partners.

Whether the key focus is to plan a once off interaction – or to establish a long-term mutually beneficial partnership, we pride ourselves as a unique tourism company able to share with our clients the incredible humanity that we have discovered through our work. We are privileged to meet people of all cultures and creeds, and our aim is to effect sustainable development in our communities through effective and ongoing tourism connections.

The essential ingredient to the success of Face Africa is our in depth understanding of local community development, and our ability to build solid relationships that cultivate mutual understanding in those communities.  After eight years of professional guiding and working in sub-Saharan Africa, Director Tim Ellis developed a keen sense of identifying successful tourism/community partnerships. Over the past 5 years, Face Africa has created a business model that offers visitors a genuine and authentic experience – based on a foundation of respect for individuals and a real insight into the contextual needs – that when partnered positively with project work deliver lasting benefits to the host community. Tim’s background in the overland tourism industry and operations management knowledge means that the logistics side of the business is run to an extremely high and professional standard.

How do we make it happen?
There are particular indicators essential to us when we partner with community based organisations, but most importantly there must be a genuine need that can be supported and realised by the engagement and interaction of tourism groups with the host community.  Relationships between the organisation and the community stakeholders are well established and based on an intimate understanding and trust.  There are some funded programmes in place that enable our groups and partners to add value through ongoing project work.

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