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Tim EllisTim Ellis
Founder & Director

Travel flows through Tim’s veins. It began with a year backpacking on a round-the-world ticket after leaving school, and continued through University summers with trips to Central America and Europe. Having gained a degree, he set off with a close friend to India where they bought a pair of Royal Enfield motorcycles and rode them back to the UK via the Karakoram in Pakistan, the deserts of Iran, the mountains of Eastern Turkey and the Mediterranean coastline.

A chance trip to Cape Town in 1999 began the connection to Africa. Recognising the stirring of a passion, Tim got a job with leading UK adventure company Dragoman as a Tour Leader. Leading groups of travellers through sub-Saharan Africa was to see the joy of travel through fresh eyes: To share a carton of beer in a shebeen in rural Malawi; to squat in a Maasai hut in Tanzania and consider the collision of a money-free pastoral society with capitalist ‘civilisation’; to share in the exhausted pleasure of building a pre-school to give hope to and inspire tomorrow’s generations in a remote Basotho community. These were but small elements of trips, yet reflected in the eyes of the participants – these were the real highlights.

His original concept with Face Africa was to provide a combination of guide-led travel and engagement with sustainable community development. To service a market that wanted to take an extended trip to Africa which would include visits to the numerous and fascinating natural and wildlife highlights, as well as the opportunity to ‘give back’ something sustainable to the local communities. To affirm the link between interaction, participation and fun.

This concept has now matured into the Face Africa Community and School Linking Programme, which links international and local communities and especially schools into our local community partners here in Africa – setting up links and running expeditions. Keep an eye out for more info as this new development grows!

Tim is based in Cape Town. Despite spending more and more time at his desk, he still manages to lead several trips, which satisfies the desire for time spent on the road…

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