What We Offer

1. Community Partnership / Link Programme

This programme offers the opportunity for overseas communities (schools, social clubs, faith groups, sports teams, nursing organisations, etc) to link with an appropriate community in South or Southern Africa.  Face Africa will facilitate the selection of an appropriate partner and put the sustainability indicators in place to ensure that both communities understand what the partnership entails.

The aim is to build up to a tour or expedition from the overseas community to their local partner to engage in an interaction and potentially volunteer their time and funds to an “impact project” aimed at supporting ongoing development in that community.

These partnerships require a long term commitment from both sides and successful examples include a number of school-links now planning their 5th expedition and engaging in some deep and meaningful local development work.

This programme has received critical acclaim in the United Kingdom for its footprint and impacts both in the home and host communities.

2. Scheduled “Voluntours”

A lighter version of the community partnership aimed at overseas outbound tour operators offering “Voluntourism” products (combining a scheduled group tour and time spent volunteering).  The aim is for a commitment to a set number of tours in a season that we can link in to a specific community/project aiming to achieve greater results due to the consistent numbers of volunteers.

The community links remain rooted through our community-based organisations ensuring that the sustainability indicators that we set are monitored and met.

The travel experience can vary from earthy “overland”-style tours for student & youth groups to more comfortable accommodated tours for professionals engaging in skills-transfer projects.

3. Fair Trade Tailor-made Holidays

Bespoke travel packages for Foreign Individual Travellers (FITs) channelling tourism spend to Fair Trade certified and/or criteria-assessed tourism products.

Our Strengths

•    An acclaimed and well established programme managing school link ups and expeditions to Southern Africa
•    Strong logistics expertise: eight years experience running water-tight expeditions and tours through challenging areas in Southern & East Africa
•    Excellent network of community based organisations through which we manage and build our relationships with local schools & communities

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